Clare McCullough


My Diss Track

I got one question for yah

Before I begin;

Why are you so ugly?

Face crooked like witch

And magic couldn’t fix it

Repellent; Repugnant

Pretty sure your identity

Coincides with Methamphetamine

Bow before me, you’re my peasantry

Meet the real me The real queen

Enough with the pleasantries

I make skeletons

Outta my enemies

You’ll be burnt through

overplayed like Peek and Boo

Clear the color off

your talent palette

You’re just grayscale

A pale comparison

I am cadet using my


Making you sweat

Making good on my

Threat debts like

A soviet based warhead

Halitosis, you smell like

Garlic bread 

But what’s new 

Now you are hungry and scared

 Rigid Like bamboo

Petrified at my corkscrew

You are so ugly,

It looks like your face

Has been sprayed with mace

I wish there was something else

In that space where your face is

Acid in your Basic knowledge

I’ve a PHD in chemistry

Warlady of WWIII

Get off the airwaves and areospace

You were born 

With a Nasty face 


  1. Vaibhaw Kumar says:

    Where is the song? When you are dropping it?

    1. Clare McCullough says:

      Ahh I’m working on my music production skills little by little, so I regret to inform you to no expect any diy beat diss track anytime these next eight or so months! Thanks for asking. I actually released another song quite recently on Soundcloud if you are interested!

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