Clare McCullough

Clare McCullough, born in 1996, began writing and playing music as soon as she could read. She posts monthly on her blog and has been published in CommonState, and The Organization for World Peace.

A few months before graduating from Marquette University in 2019, Clare McCullough picked up the guitar in earnest for the first time. She spent most of her Sundays growing up walking to the nice neighborhood lady’s house who taught piano. There, she plinked out tunes from hot cross buns to Beethoven. Now, as a fully formed adult, she yearned for something to fill the time that only an underachieving (but still graduating) college student had. This was the beginning of her music career.

Now, she plays shows across the United States in her folk-pop style, occasionally with rock and bluesy bents. One day she hopes to one day release an album that she can be proud of.

Not only that, Clare McCullough also writes fiction. Poetry, science fiction, fantasy, and other non-fiction articles fill her website dating back to 2018. She is actively working on getting a science fiction manuscript published.

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