Waning and waxing

My heart is like the

Crescent Moon;

Soft buttery craters/

– Obscured by candlelight/

Flicker fire lit the wicker chair

Oh woe to those reeds

Those that bend those that

– Break and swell/

Waves commanded by/

That cruel changing moon.


Place of Safety or Refuge

Meter is defined as measurement. 

The way that poetic form is definition. 

In the form of evolution,

Ink pens are royalty.

A king’s gold plated destinies and rule lines

clearly written.

Everything with a place and a home

Life attends this noble firmament.

Paintings and Photos Poetry

I, Ladybug (or the power of small things)

The aphid tasted good.

Rough grass irritated

my wiggling six legs.

Talented black spots 

decorated my ambitious

red wings.

Yet unobserved 

by the sharpest hawk’s eye 

with a clear blue sky.

I, Ladybug

matched the color

of the bright burnt sun. 

I, Ladybug

soared over mountains

and burrowed under fallen leaves

by the rushing stream

finding my way between

the cracks of a tree

near invisibility leading

to immutability

I, Ladybug, marched beneath the 

door frame and

right onto your page.


I pass those pennies by!

When I was young

I thought I was little.

Spending my time

running to pennies 

on the street 

filling up my pockets


to increase my value 

The shiny bits of copper worth 

more than my soul worth

more than my body

 my heart and my mind 

more than my time

But, no way I could 

grow in stature and size

With my pockets 

weighing me down


I pass those pennies by!

When I will be old

I think I will be

as tall as the tallest mountains

And like the mountains,

Gold will glow in my veins

Remembering facts that even the smartest

Man will forget

Hair will sprout over me like grasses

And like the mountains,

My skin will be

reinvented by the wind, the rivers, 

the ice, and the living things.


Wild Engine

I combust forward

My thinkin’ has been numinous

Mind running like wild engine

Blowing surprise fire geysers 

Into the smoky depths

I’m Constantly


.. Callouses ..

I rose above and was never tethered 

I was free just like icarus


Light the fire

 Hug it tight

Prepare for fighting




Fight to win not only the battle

Eyes on winning the war

Napoleon, Alexander

I’m quickest, rawest queen

In all matters.

I can speak it all

My thoughts, my dreams

I’m hungry for victory

Lie to myself before lying to others

Stomping my feet like the angry child

Feeling the earth shake my knees

I’m going to live forever, 

My life is my life.


My Diss Track

I got one question for yah

Before I begin;

Why are you so ugly?

Face crooked like witch

And magic couldn’t fix it

Repellent; Repugnant

Pretty sure your identity

Coincides with Methamphetamine

Bow before me, you’re my peasantry

Meet the real me The real queen

Enough with the pleasantries

I make skeletons

Outta my enemies

You’ll be burnt through

overplayed like Peek and Boo

Clear the color off

your talent palette

You’re just grayscale

A pale comparison

I am cadet using my


Making you sweat

Making good on my

Threat debts like

A soviet based warhead

Halitosis, you smell like

Garlic bread 

But what’s new 

Now you are hungry and scared

 Rigid Like bamboo

Petrified at my corkscrew

You are so ugly,

It looks like your face

Has been sprayed with mace

I wish there was something else

In that space where your face is

Acid in your Basic knowledge

I’ve a PHD in chemistry

Warlady of WWIII

Get off the airwaves and areospace

You were born 

With a Nasty face 


Chiken: a flock of poem

Wanna know what ???

Chiken butt

Wanna know Who???

Chiken poo

Wanna know when???

Just then

Wanna know why ???

Chicken thigh

Wanna know where ?


 Over there

Ewhat cahame ehfirst

The chicken or the eggs?

Those oval sacs of goo

I love them to death I do

Nutritious and scrambled 

Eggs have poached me

And cooked me over easy

Head Over heels its cheesy

I still don’t know the answer

Was it chicken or was it eggs

Ewhat cahame ehfirst

Paintings and Photos Poetry


Empty empty empty

Full full full

O’er the land, peasant and gentry

The woman push and the plow pull

Old old old

Young young young

Losers and winners both are bold

birds loud and quiet both fly with fun

Hot Hot Hot

Cold Cold Cold

Cross the t’s and bend the ought

Clothes and paper destined to fold

Telling me my fortune

Reading my palms

Gleaning dinner’s burnt bits

From the bottom of the pan

Defending each other

To the rhythm of the ceiling fan

Noisy noisy noisy

Calm calm calm

Pushing fingers in each other’s ears

Humming along to the radio

Taking one two three many steps

In the darkness of the patio

Birds chirping in December

The rain falling and clearing embers



Other people always bothered me anyways.

When I spoke wrong, which was often-

They would stare or take pictures of themselves

Because if I couldn’t speak like they could

They weren’t interested.

I found a solid gold iron pyrite in the ground

While I was taking a walk in the park.

When I extracted it;

I sat down and examined it

The glittering fool’s gold casted

Splatter across my face

Gilded with dirt.

I run the bath hot.

And when a spider drops in,


and I feel as if he were already on my skin

Swimming eight legs and hair and eight eyes

Swimming two legs and hair and two eyes

Two feet and one face curl in disgust

There’s nothing wrong with choosing space.

Gripping the fools gold tightly

Value is what you make of the glitter

Understudied invertebrate

Under-discovered treasure

Like a cloud in front of the moon or

Is it the moon behind the clouds

Is it the traffic killing you

Or you, being a part of the line

stretched across the stop-







Languid love growing paltrier everyday

I remember the day that you stopped loving me altogether

Nautical winds turned and the tide fell- without waves

Going to sleep is now twice the effort

Utilizing those strongest passions

I have straightened the map

No bee drowns in honey

I am sure of that