Clare McCullough


Soul Eater is the Greatest Anime Ever

Soul Eater is more than likely the best anime ever created. It is a fantastic anime that has really good writing and a diverse and well thought out set of characters. These characters possess deep personal backgrounds and help put into context the crazy world in which the writers have deposited us. The main element that this anime gets right is consistency. It is a goofy while simultaneously edgy perspective with out of the box animation style. I think this anime stands out above all the rest because of its plot, world, and overall characters. The writing of the characters themselves is campy but in a way that makes them more endearing, not repulsive. The writers left plenty of comedic effects which is used with a smart hand. These comedic moments are mixed in thoroughly with deeper themes of self-worth, fear, reality, and more.

I have yet to see an anime match its plot complexity and world building (besides Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood of course). Lady Medusa, the Kishin, and the arachnid are fabulous as enemies and really do a lot to drag you to the edge of your seat. The whole setting in which the characters face demons within is a world in which death is anthropomorphized and is the leader of Meister academy. Meisters are young adults whose sole goal is to find kishin eggs and make a scythe for death to use.

The Kishin egg and Kishins are human beings who have given themselves to evil so as to be utterly irredeemable. There are moments of neuroticism and narcissism by the main characters. But these and other failings are addressed in each of the characters. Maka and Soul Eater are fabulous characters who you see their faults but can still root for them. It also has a message at the end of the story that really takes it home. Bravery means to face an impossible to beat foe knowing that you will lose but you do it anyway. The struggle against fear and madness inside your own mind and Kishin’s without.

I love the ensemble feel to the show I think that that was a smart plot development. I think that Black Star and Tsuki and Death the Kid with the twins, and most importantly; Maka and Soul Eater are the heroes that I can root for.

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