Clare McCullough




I didn’t speak all these years

Because I felt like even

My voice took up too much space

My Body of sound

Withering away

on the softly moving wind


I prepare my tongue for speech


when that soft breeze carries away


Supermarket bags

And I become beautiful enough for you

To learn to love me.


My teeth seemed to have fused shut

We have our tea

So i can wash down that concrete glue

That chokes me

And I’m scaring myself

We sit across the table from each other

With you,

trying desperately to communicate

with me.

You go over your same routes

With Sometimes different words but

They all are possessed by that feeling

I’m lonely lonely lonely lonely

half-wits; that we both are

And when I open my mouth


tell you

Why i have been running all these years

They start to fill with tears

And suddenly I have Put my heart in a pail.

In order to live forever;

my warmth must be contained

Even as cold as i am


Your lips are drawn into frowns.

Mother, you always told me

That my father doesn’t love you

Because you don’t do what he wants you to

And you never saw what was wrong

With that

You never left or fought back

Stop telling me you love me

And reverse all those times

Where disappointment

Was no stranger in the room


It is only human to wish to hide

Cover up our beauty with our dark vice

Flora and Sin;

Fauna and Trust Issues

What a drag it is to think and divulge

Disassembling for easier travel


my fatal wasting disease

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