Clare McCullough

Haikus from 4/3/22

The Rabbit eats grass

Grass eats the rabbit

Everyone shows up for dinner



In the morning I

bathe in cold water

and become the land



Spring grass, autumn tree

pale green are new shoots of leaves

then brighten to red



Flower floating down

resting like a pink butterfly

on my twitching nose



All I see is red

leaves, apple, heart, shoes, flowers

my ego bursts out



Take my grandma off

her meds because stupidity

will heal swollen legs



I stop believing

God when he tells me that spring

won’t last forever



There are better ways

to complete tasks than

orderly one by one



Take my hands hostage!

you do not need any rope for-

I will follow you



Leaves whisper among

the sound of the rushing wind

In shade, a deer stands



Connected by words

perhaps more than a language

loving is a verb



Washing your hands is-

music, chords of muscle, water

soap, notes, keys, and hope

Haikus from 2014

Slow my woman blooms

unfamiliar Crescendo 

Only dreams of curled toes

Cigarette burns.   On

Arms to distract from pain

Of the mental sort

I treat holidays

Like work days and workdays like

Holidays too short

Feet and hands too cold

Stiff and bloated they hang   Like

Full orange moon In Sky

Sixteen years have past

I am on my seventeenth

Anything new dude?


Newfound Sexuality

Is discouraging

heavy feet, walk on water

slipping to bottom

everything green and blue

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