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Review of “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”

“Is it wrong to pick girls up in a dungeon” is a substandard anime. Grading it a D+ only seems fair by the virtue of the animation itself being almost okay and tending toward the simplistic. That being said, I see the main failure of this anime is failing in character development and plot. Any character development. Any plot. Why should I care?? I don’t know. There is no good vs. evil to compel us. Besides, of course, the evils of lazy writing. This anime relies on outdated tropes and is lacking totally in originality.

It is about a basic young man, who for some reason lives with Hestia (Greek Goddess) who is childlike both in reason and in temperament. The only thing mature about this character are its huge boobs. Anyway, the boy decides that he wants to be an adventurer. When adventuring, he meets a girl in a dungeon. He is almost about to die when who is to save his life than the beautiful girl. After these events unfolded, he walks away realizing that he has fallen in love. However, this girl is unattainable as she is apparently is a super badass elite fighter who is way out basic boys league. During his quest to prove himself as an adventurer to a girl who is unattainable, and therefore not given many lines. All the rest of the women characters are given their role. To be sexualized. Every single one of the supporting characters are big breasted individuals who fall flat because their basic function and trait is fawning over the main character.

All in all, “Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?”. I would say that it is a waste of the viewers time because of lazy writing. Plot-wise it’s not exciting. The reason for this is because when your plot relies on characters developing. None of the women characters are allowed to develop and deepen. I challenge the poser that wrote this script to give more to the world surrounding the pathetic boy hero than just a harem. The writing has no nuance and therefore makes the plot predictable.

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