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Worldwide Black Inturnet Radio

On a cool October evening in the setting sun of the Montrose area of Houston, Texas the two young men who make up the Worldwide Black Inturnet Radio sit before me. With clear-rim glasses and beanie, Ike details to me his love of craft beer (Yellow Rose, Victory Golden Monkey, Voodoo Ranger, and Jai Alai) and Courtland, his love of sleep and equal love of photography.  Ike Ekwueme and Courtland Webb tag team production and develop their lyrical sound with the same level of respect that they approach with each other.

Drawing from their contemporary existence and influenced by old inspirations they make music a priority rather than an afterthought. Having art and presenting it to people, they have only been in this particular project since January of 2019. When I first met them, they were freshman performers trying out their craft on one of their first live crowds at Axelrad’s open mic. But when not performing at trendy art galleries and crowded chic bars, they dedicate a large chunk of time toward producing their sound.

Every Monday, the music comes first, using samples from the 70s and 80s and Courtland playing the guitar they embark on the germination of their up and coming self-titled album WBIR. Working weekly, WBIR is a production duo made up of two individuals who got along so well you could’ve sworn they’d grown their whole lives up with their houses right next to each other.

They had only played their first show this past October after having put out a single called Velvet Bed Spread. Insomnia gallery hosted and the two shared the stage with a band called Uncommon colors. They’ve been playing in every corner of Houston since then. Their epic vibrations are out of this world. But for them, it’s all about the down to earth love and friendship that places its roots in the music. The skeleton of beats made flesh by their mouthwatering lyrical feats. Their self-titled album will grace the networks of the worldwide web most likely by the end of the year. Bring your friends, and enjoy the time-transcendence cranial global experience of Worldwide Black Inturnet Radio.


  1. thanks for writeup Clare 🙏🏿

    1. Clare McCullough says:

      You are welcome Courtland! Good wishes on all your upcoming projects

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