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Snap of the Whip

Whimpering fire Snap of the Whip Stones grinding then Clack Clack Clack Flame spills over the wood Crack Crack Crack The wind blows less gentle

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“It was said the Pause had swallowed the earth. So we followed the Green Light. Humanity became safe for the first time in all history,” Gwen recited with her classmates. 

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The Maker

Sweat dripped onto the sidewalk placed on the bare cardboard. With precision, his nimble fingers William crafted a tree no bigger than a quarter in the dark basement of a house in Milwaukee

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The Book of Koli Review

As a work of science fiction, worldbuilding is the most significant element and the most enjoyable in The Book of Koli. M.R. Carey’s The Book

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Waning and waxing My heart is like the Crescent Moon; Soft buttery craters/ – Obscured by candlelight/ Flicker fire lit the wicker chair Oh woe

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