I am a part-time artist, full-time writer and this website is dedicated to everything that I have ever worked on, created, produced, written, etc. I am currently working on a 250 page science fiction novel called Tree of Uleema. 

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with an Asian studies minor at Marquette University in Spring 2019. Absorbing and analyzing information informs my decision-making processes so I am well suited to brainstorming and problem-solving. I am fascinated by the opportunity in original ideas, and I relish meeting new people which makes me a great communicator. 

Working for Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin I was able to produce memos and presentations on certain policy issues as well as finetune a multitude of databases. As I interned for the City of Milwaukee’s Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton, I managed his communications. In all of my internships, I had direct engagement with the community and was able to help maintain those relationships. Initiative is one of my many strengths; having started my own website in late 2016 for my own independent research and diverse writing portfolio; www.MakingMellow.com. Before interning at the League of Conservation Voters I put in over 100 hours of volunteer work and data collection to that nonpartisan organization.

 I am driven, a strong communicator, and a quick study. I have been writing my whole life and I hope that you enjoy my writing. 

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